What is an Exhalation Valve? --- 23-Apr-2024 Exhalation valves are a feature commonly found in masks and respirators, especially those used in industrial settings or healthcare environments. The purpose of an exhalation valve is to facilitate easier breathing by allowing air to exit the mask without resistance, which can be particularly important during extended wear or strenuous activities. detail>>
Customizing Trend in Face Mask Industry --- 21-Sep-2018 After several years’ growing, disposable face mask/dust masks/ respirators industry is becoming more big, has much more practitioner and with abundant products now. detail>>
Offer Respirator Elastic Band/Elastic Tapes in 4 types --- 24-Mar-2017 Respirator elastic band/elastic tapes are offered in 4 types to match with different processing machines detail>>
Logos on Respirator and Dust Mask Exhalation Valves --- 28-Jun-2016 Logos, brand names or company names showing on products is a very common way for merchants to promote themselves. detail>>
Quality Develop Method: Exhalation Valve Gas Tightness Testing --- 26-May-2016 As it’s exhalation valve,when breath in the air can only goes into the respirator via fabrics, silicon must cover the hole very well at least 20 seconds; but when breath out the air flow must come out very easy, this processing ask fine characters of every valve part: silicone rubber size, inner hole size, fixing pillar sizes, whole hole size etc. detail>>
Disposable Surgical Face Mask Material Details --- 26-Apr-2016 Disposable surgical face mask is the most widely used face mask in the world now, it prevents the bacteria from outside world, also helps catch the bacteria shed in liquid droplets and aerosols from the wearer's mouth and nose. detail>>
Notice of Chinese New Year Holiday --- 01-Feb-2016 From Feb.1st to Feb 15th, the factories are on Chinese New Year Holiday, the express companies are too. So during these times, E-mails will be replied as usual, purchase orders can be discussed, but samples sending and order production can only go on later when the factories start to work again. detail>>
How to Make Elastic Band & Elastic Cord? --- 11-Sep-2015 Different elastic band need different braiding machine to make it, width, thickness and strength all adjustable. detail>>
What material you need to produce dust masks except non-woven fabric? --- 22-Jul-2015 A dust mask is a flexible pad held over the nose and mouth by elastic or rubber straps to protect against dusts encountered during construction or cleaning activities, such as dusts from drywall, concrete, wood, fiberglass, silica (from ceramic or glass production), or sweeping. detail>>
What's the mechanism of Exhalation Valve and Inhalation Valve for Masks & Respirators? --- 29-Jun-2015 Valves on masks and respirators are very simple: plastic base, middle rubber and plastic cover; to make it simple, we will take away the top cover to see how the rubber and base work with the air. detail>>
Face mask and respirator materials list --- 4-May-2015 How to make surgical mask, dust mask and respirator mask? Material need for face mask production: PP Spunbond and melt-blown, with accessories of nose wire nose bar,elastic bands and exhalation valves. detail>>
What Kinds of Braided Elastic Bands You Should Order for Ultrasonic Machines --- 27-Apr-2015 Nowadays, more and more ultrasonic machines are broken into the markets for different goals, especially in the face mask and respirator industries, ultrasonic is picked up to make the machines automatically. detail>>