Metal Cores Plastic Nose Wire is Better --- 24-Apr-2015 I was noticed this topic when I was surfing on line to find why 3M is 3M, what’s the differences make it is. As was known by the world, Chinese now are struggling with the terrible haze problem, so as its famous name, 3M dust masks and respirators are very very popular in China, it’s price is much higher than similar other manufacturers’ products. detail>>
Difference between 3M Aluminum Respirator Nose Clip and Ordinary Type --- 15-Apr-2015 If you observe carefully you will find that ALUMINIUM NOSE CLIP from 3M and ordinary market are different in the following items: detail>>
Why the Elastic Band can’t be Welded on the Respirators? --- 16-Mar-2015 Ultrasonic elastic band welding now is becoming the dominant welding way in respirator and face mask industry, the 2nd is by staplers. detail>>
Difference between Respirators and Surgical Masks --- 12-Mar-2015 Because certain disposable respirators are similar in appearance to many surgical/procedure masks, their differences are not always well understood. However, respirators and surgical masks are very different in intended use, fit against the face, wear time, testing and approval. detail>>
What’s the Function of Nose Foam for Dust-proof Masks and N95 Respirators --- 6-Mar-2015 This small, soft, elongated sponge, usually black, grey and white color, thickness around 4MM, once it be used on the masks and respirators we called it NOSE FOAM, or SPONGE FOAM. detail>>
Flat Elastic Tape and Aluminum Nose Clip for Oxygen Masks --- 2-Mar-2015 Mask Material Tech can offer oxygen mask Flat Elastic and Aluminum Nose Clip. Comfortable thickness and width, soft touch feeling and quality elasticity is the most important points for a better wearing experience. detail>>
FQA of Respirator Aluminium Nose Clips --- 6-Feb-2015 What’s the common size of the nose clips? How will the nose clips be assembled on the respirators? What do the factors affect the stick effect? detail>>
Respirator and Dust Mask Hanging Loop Length --- 3-Feb-2015 Before, we’ve discussed about the length of surgical face mask, but in the market, except the surgical masks, there are many other shapes: cup masks(respirators), duckbill face masks, folded masks, ship type masks and so on, but in conclusion, there are called respirators and dust proof masks( dust masks). detail>>