Why the Elastic Band can’t be Welded on the Respirators?

Author: adminSource: mask materialDate: 16-Mar-2015

Ultrasonic elastic band welding now is becoming the dominant welding way in respirator and face mask industry, the 2nd is by staplers.

During ultrasonic welding processing, the machinery supplier and elastic band supplier always be asked: why I cannot weld the elastic bands he offered on the machines you sold?

Elastic Band For Masks

There’re always two reasons:

  1. The machine broke down

    To confirm if it is or is not, you can try the machine with another material, the best material is the non-woven fabric, if the fabric works, it’s not the fault of the machine; if fabric cannot be welded too, then the machine is broke down.

  2. Elastic Band is not ok

    Why the elastic band you have cannot be welded but others can? The most reason will be the composition problem.

    Right problem should be polyester fiber and spandex thread, spandex promises the elasticity. But to save the material cost, some factories will use LATEX threads instead of spandex, latex thread has elasticity but it cannot work with ultrasonic, because of the melting temperature.

    And the elasticity of Latex is much worse than spandex (so 1 kg elastic band made of latex threads will be much shorter than the one made of spandex), and its fatigue resistance is also poor, now it is almost an obsolete products in this industry.

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