Respirator and Dust Mask Hanging Loop Length

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Before, we’ve discussed about the length of surgical face mask, but in the market, except the surgical masks, there are many other shapes: cup masks(respirators), duckbill face masks, folded masks, ship type masks and so on, but in conclusion, there are called respirators and dust proof masks( dust masks).

According to different translation, there’s no clear definition for respirator and face mask, but the industry, always the cup shape mask (bow type) be called as respirator, and other shapes will be called as face masks, except surgical purpose masks, others are most be used as dust proof, so called dust proof masks, dust mask in short.

Elastic loops length for respirators:

For respirators, most of them are HEAD HANDING.

According to two different markets, there are two length:

The first: the two head-handing loops are not the same length, the one upper head will be longer and lower shorter: 33CM+30CM.

The second: the two head-loops are same length. 28 CM and 30CM are the most common length, different supplier for different market may do a little adjustment, but won’t be too much.

Elastic loops length for dust mask:

dust mask Elastic loop

The question for dust mask is complicated to be answered: because there are too many shapes of dust mask, and according different shape, the length are very different.

There are the most common types:

  1. C shape folded mask: also two wearing way: ear-hanging or head handing. Ear hanging usually around 22 cm, and head hanging usually is 26~28 cm.

  2. Ship type (3M9332)

    Usually same as it’s body length: 21CM (to 21.5 CM)

    The other similar (narrow and long shape, folding) type are similar elastic loop sizes.

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