Metal Cores Plastic Nose Wire is Better

Author: EchoSource: mask materialDate: 24-Apr-2015

Why Chinese Market Change Aluminum Nose Clip into Plastic Metal Cores Nose Wire

I was noticed this topic when I was surfing on line to find why 3M is 3M, what’s the differences make it is. As was known by the world, Chinese now are struggling with the terrible haze problem, so as its famous name, 3M dust masks and respirators are very very popular in China, it’s price is much higher than similar other manufacturers’ products.

aluminum nose clip and plastic nose wire

When I checking the comments, I noticed parts of consumers are mentioning:

1. The Nose clip is too hard, very uncomfortable for wearing, it hurt nose.

2. The aluminum nose clip is very easy to be broken by several shaping.

Then I understand why in China, a large part of manufacturer choose the plastic nose wire with two iron cores inside to make it harder, especially for dust masks, these double metal cores plastic nose wire is durable and much softer.

But there’s also problem for metal cores plastic nose wire:

1. Metal cores plastic nose wire cann’t be as hard as the aluminum, so once it used on the respirator, it still seems some weak.

2. Now most of manufacturer use ultrasonic for all kinds of mask production, and machines are automatically, if the metal cores are too thick, the cutter will be easily damaged.

3. For export & import, iron is heavy-pollution industry so be prohibited by many governments.

Better solution still need to be found.

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