Difference between 3M Aluminum Respirator Nose Clip and Ordinary Type

Author: adminSource: mask materialDate: 15-Apr-2015

If you observe carefully you will find that ALUMINIUM NOSE CLIP from 3M and ordinary market are different in the following items:

1. Shape: As different processing fixture 3M nose clip is straight and flat but ordinary type is curved to the hot melt glue side,see pictures below:

3M nose clip

Do you think the straight 3M type will be better for proper fit to the respirators?

2. Price: As different productivity with different fixture, these two types respirator aluminum nose clip are in different price, 3M type will be higher in price as its lower productivity in the same time.

3. Glue thickness: 3M type will be thinner than ordinary type, may because of straight type itself can be better fitting.

4. Shape of two ends: pls see attachment

Ordinary type is very smooth round corner but 3M type is in a special shape, between sharp right-angle and round.

It’s also said that the material and surface processing are different, will explain to you next time.

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