What Kinds of Braided Elastic Bands You Should Order for Ultrasonic Machines

Author: EchoSource: mask materialDate: 27-Apr-2015

Nowadays, more and more ultrasonic machines are broken into the markets for different goals, especially in the face mask and respirator industries, ultrasonic is picked up to make the machines automatically.

With the above reason, all the material worked with the machines is limited for the melt point, if it’s higher than the temperature ultrasonic can melt, the material won’t be good welded.

Here are some tips for choosing braided elastic bands for masks and respirators:

  1. Do not choose latex thread, it can not be well welded onto the mask by ultrasonic
  2. Spandex with better elasticity and it’s eco-friendly material
  3. Following image show latex threads elastic bands and spandex threads elastic bands:
  4. latex threads elastic bands and spandex threads elastic bands We can see very clear from the picture, the latex thread is much thicker and bigger than the spandex thread, so we can easily understand, for each kilogram, we will get much more meters from spandex than latex.
  5. As with better elasticity, the spandex threads elastic bands are much softer than latex threads, sure in this way spandex elastic bands can offer more comfortable wearing experience.

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