Customizing Trend in Face Mask Industry

Author: EchoSource: mask materialDate: 21-Sep-2018

After several years’ growing, disposable face mask/dust masks/ respirators industry is becoming more big, has much more practitioner and with abundant products now.

To be outstanding in this competitive market, each manufacturer is strangled to not only offer higher quality products, but also special out looks to catch consumer’s eyes.

Even not noticed by consumers, a face mask/dust mask contains several components: spun-bond non-woven, meltblown fabric, nose clip, ear-loop button, elastic band, exhalation-valve etc, every parts you can do customize, for function or only for special looking.

elastic band welding

Most supplier choose to customize for out appearance only: in shapes, colors, etc, because it is much easier, less costly and easy to be seen.

At the same time, large scale, like 3M, DUPONT, HONEYWELL etc., usually choose work on developing both in function and outlooks, as they can offer it with its powerful financial support.

come to us with your project,MM material can meet your requirement both on function and outlooks!!

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