Quality Develop Method: Exhalation Valve Gas Tightness Testing

Author: DaliSource: mask materialDate: 26-May-2016

exhalation valve industry, there’re two main factors which decided the quality: the material valves are made from and the the air flow in and out.

As it’s exhalation valve,when breath in the air can only goes into the respirator via fabrics, silicon must cover the hole very well at least 20 seconds; but when breath out the air flow must come out very easy, this processing ask fine characters of every valve part: silicone rubber size, inner hole size, fixing pillar sizes, whole hole size etc.

Ordinary the testing will be made by special institution which takes time and costly. To active fast to customers’ requirements, shorten the waiting time and make better quality control, company decided to purchase the testing equipment ourselves and now there are in the factories now and already showed its work possibilities.

Quality Develop Method: Exhalation Valve Gas Tightness Testing

We tested the samples which customers sent us, found its weakness and made development which is fine and can not tell without equipment, the results turned out to be very good in gas tightness developing and be satisfied with.

To be the most professional supplier in this industry, every small step makes us better.

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