Logos on Respirator and Dust Mask Exhalation Valves

Author: EchoSource: mask materialDate: 28-Jun-2016

Logos, brand names or company names showing on products is a very common way for merchants to promote themselves.

Can I have our own logo,company name on the exhalation valves is one of the questions which is asked very often when I converse with our customers.

Of course you can!

And there’re usually two ways to make this goal.


This is the most common way,you can choose different letter colors according to different valve color, follow are some samples. This is the most budget way, also easy and cheap to change the contents every time.

Exhalation Valves


This method don’t ask a second processing after the exhalation valve be molded, means you don’t need to pay extra cost for logo except the new and special dies, which price is high and is not a good choice if the type of valve you don’t need in large quantity or you need to often change the contents.

Exhalation Valves

You can make your choice for which way to take.

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