Did You Get Joints or Breaks from Shoe Cover Elastic Band from Your Supplier?

Author:EchoSource:mask materialDate:18-Jan-2015

What disposable non-woven shoe cover elastic band looks like?

For users' more comfortable wearing experience at the same time to be strength enough, elastic bands for shoe covers (actually the same with disposable non-woven bouffant caps) ordinary has two ribs, width around 4mm,we call it double elastic band. It’s much comfortable for users as it’s wider than the round single elastic type and also as it’s in two ribs, it’s much stronger than other kind.

And more, if you choose the new and right material, it will also very good in elasticity.

Joints and Breaks of shoe cover and bouffant cap elastic bands

shoe cover and bouffant cap elastic bands

Except the quality of the elastic band itself, there is another very important point during your production of non-woven shoe covers and bouffant caps: the joints or breaks in each package you got from your supplier: usually 5 KG/Carton with a plastic bag inside, some even more.

Usually in each 5 kg you will get at least 5 joints, and you can’t solve this problem only if the machine meets the joints, at that time you have to stop the machine for handling, then start the machine again, which is both time and labor costly.

Now good news is Mask Material Tech can offer you shoe cover elastic band and bouffant cap elastic band WITHOUT JOINTS AND BREAKS, yes, WITHOUT.

double elastic band

In this way, we can’t get each package as long as 5 KG, but around 2~2.5 KG. However, in this way you don’t have to looking on the machine all the time or stop the machine, you just need to connect this carton end to next carton’s beginning at a fixed circle time.

It’s good for the workers because they don’t need to eyes on the machine all the time; and good for the company too because all the time the machine runs well without any stop because of elastic band joints.

Isn’t it an excellent thing?