How Many Kinds of Face Mask Nose Wires You Can Get From Markets

Author:EchoSource:mask materialDate:9-Jan-2015

Mask Material Tech is specially for offering all kinds of face mask production material. For example for face mask nose wire it can offer: 100% plastic nose wire, single iron core nose wire, double iron cores nose wire; nose wires can be offered in rolls and in required short length.

Nose Wire Cutting and Collecting

And Mask Material Tech also supply more than one sizes of nose wires:

100% plastic nose wire width 3.0mm,4.0mm,7.0mm. (we can also make required sizes products)

Single metal core plastic nose wires width: 3.0*0.5MM. (Remark: 0.5MM is the diameter of the metal core inside, we can also make required sizes products)

Double iron cores nose wire width: 2.5*0.45MM,2.7*0.5MM,3.0*0.45MM,4.0*0.6MM,5.0*0.5MM,5.0*0.7MM,7.0*0.7MM,8.0*0.7MM,10.0*0.9MM and so on. (P.S.: The last number is the diameter of the iron core, they also can be made as required.)

nose wire for face mask